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Alain de Botton (Philosopher's Mail): 
News is wiring our minds in such a way that certain questions are possible [and others aren't because they are] not part of the news agenda. ... 
I'm struck by the randomness of current news, the way in which the the sense of what's important isn't properly examined ... There's mass self-censorship, a lack of questioning of certain norms ...
A scrupulously “balanced” news organization becomes a totally conservative force. We need organizations that have a take on the world. ... A news organization should give people the information they need to flourish. ... The facts aren't made to be arranged in only one way. Journalists are making millions of decisions. ... News can pick some events out in order drive forward an argument about how life is, how life should be, what needs to be done. ... How do you make progressive news?

[Many news outlets] haven't found a way to make the important interesting. ... [Many news reports] just parachute you in, no context, no local color.
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