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July 12 2011

We're here to recruit you [hackers] to combine your superpowers with those of journalists and designers to form an unstoppable alliance that will be ready to replace the function of traditional news sources in society as they die, or disrupt them by doing a better job even before that.
— From the abstract of our CCCamp talk – this was fun to write.
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July 11 2011

Writing something that other people will read forces you to think well. ... The things I've written just for myself are no good. They tend to peter out. When I run into difficulties, I find I conclude with a few vague questions and then drift off to get a cup of tea.
Many published essays peter out in the same – particularly the sort written by the staff writers of newsmagazines [who] feel obliged to write something "balanced." Since they're writing for a popular magazine, they start with the most radioactively controversial questions, from which-- because they're writing for a popular magazine-- they then proceed to recoil in terror. Abortion, for or against? This group says one thing. That group says another. One thing is certain: the question is a complex one. (But don't get mad at us. We didn't draw any conclusions.)
Paul Graham: The Age of the Essay

June 22 2011

May 30 2011

Newsbound | Slow Down The News, Get Up To Speed

"inspired by similar ideas" as Lux according to Jay Rosen
When I see young journalists talk only about their passion to write and tell stories, I worry for them that they will find fewer jobs and less of a calling. But when I hear journalists say that their passion is to report, to dig up facts, to serve and inform the community by all means possible, I feel better. When I hear a journalist talk about collaboration with that community as the highest art, then I get happy.
Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine To put in our job ad.
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[Articles] were a necessary form for newspapers and news shows but not the free flow, the never-starting, never-ending stream of digital. ...

The most precious resource in news is reporting and so maximizing the acquisition of facts and answers is what we need. ... [The] goal of the process [is] keeping the public constantly informed. ... An article can be a byproduct.
Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine

May 16 2011

Wer „Snippets“ – zum Beispiel einzelne Sätze oder eine Überschrift – verwenden will, soll nach Vorstellung der Verleger künftig eine Zustimmung („Lizenz“) benötigen und Vergütungen bezahlen. Wer sich nicht daran hält, müsste mit Abmahnungen, Klagen oder anderen Sanktionen rechnen. Dieses „Snippet-Recht“ würde zunächst Informationsdienstleister wie Suchmaschinenanbieter und Nachrichten-Aggregatoren betreffen, die in ihren Suchergebnissen naturgemäß kurze Ausschnitte aus Online-Artikeln anzeigen.
IGEL - Initiative gegen ein Leistungsschutzrecht (Deutschland)

May 07 2011

May 06 2011

What may be a sub-footnote in a someone's life could be a major news story for several weeks - just where are you going to find the gory details on that in 50+ years? Certainly not in the latest version of the Wikipedia article.
Comment on: Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project
The notion of putting out news in discrete and unchanging chunks is very "paper" thinking. If you assume that most people don't follow every story closely, then what most people need is a complete history, not just the diffs.

Now here's a question: would it be useful to highlight the sentences that have changed since the reader last visited that topic? Rather than asking readers to construct the whole story from the updates, we would be asking them to construct the updates from the whole story.
Jonathan Stray commenting on: Why Wikipedia beats Wikinews as a collaborative journalism project

May 03 2011

Warum Newsfeeds wichtig sind - Heinz Wittenbrink

  • Im Web sind Inhalte und Views auf auf die Inhalte viel loser gekoppelt als in den analogen Massenmedien.
  • Newsfeeds sind einer der wichtigsten Typen von Views und der für News/journalistische Informationen charakterististische.
  • Newsfeeds sind wiederum locker an soziale Netzwerke gekoppelt (wobei Unternehmen wie Twitter und Facebook versuchen, diese Koppelung fest zu machen). Die sozialen Netzwerke haben für sie vor allem eine Filterfunktion.
  • Newsfeeds sind Teil eines Online-Nachrichtenuniversums, das weder in seinen einzelnen Komponenten (Verlinkte Daten—Webtypische Views wie Feeds und Suchen im Web—Soziale Netze und Online-Kollaboration) noch in deren Zusammenspiel direkte Gegenstücke in der analogen Welt hat. Sie sind mit dafür verantwortlich, dass sich weder die ökonomischen noch die publizistischen Modelle der Offline-Welt in die Online-Welt übertragen lassen.

May 01 2011

There are some stories—and the mortgage crisis is a great example—where until I grasp the whole I am unable to make sense of any part.

Not only am I not a customer for news reports prior to that moment, but the very frequency of the updates alienates me from the providers of those updates because the news stream is adding daily to my feeling of being ill-informed, overwhelmed, out of the loop.
Jay Rosen
The simplest way to create value as a journalist is to save the user time.
Twitter / @Jay Rosen

April 30 2011

Hans-Peter Martin – Wikipedia

Contains one single sentence on the accusations of April 2011 two weeks after they first surfaced.

April 27 2011

Play fullscreen
Tablet Newspaper (1994) (via peterpur/twitter)
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April 26 2011

San Jose Mercury News

I like the "what it means" & "what's next" sections at the bottom.

February 25 2011

IPI News Contest

The IPI News Innovation Contest is aimed at advancing the future of news by funding new ways to digitally inform communities in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We are looking for breakthrough ideas with the potential of creating a sustainable impact and that meet the following general criteria: digital, including mobile, open-source technology created by journalists or for journalists and distributed in the public interest. Awards totalling as much as $ 2.7 million will be given away this year.
News Platforms: Under this category IPI would like to consider innovative ideas applied to digital media using tested new platforms, supporting reliability of news and information sources executed by journalists.                                             
IPI will fund all or a portion of what it takes to implement the proposed project, but not overhead costs like salaries. (?)
The submission deadline is 1 June 2011. 

January 28 2011

Open Source from the NYT: Paragraph-specific anchor links and the ability to highlight text in articles and blog posts.
Emphasis - NYTimes.com

December 02 2010

Die Medien sind nicht mehr Konstanten, sondern Variablen. Informationsprofis sind deshalb heute auch Media Hacker. ... So wichtig sich die Murdochs und Dichands nehmen: Für den Informationssektor sind Hacker wie Dave Winer, Evan Williams oder Julian Assange um Dimensionen folgenreicher.
Warum müssen wir soviel Technik lernen? – Heinz Wittenbrink

November 13 2010


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