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October 01 2012

People interpret criticism completely differently depending on how they see the relationship between themselves and the critic. ...
If we can find a way to tell our stories outside of partisan frames, we might reduce feelings of unfairness. The trick would be to shy away from invoking divisive identities, preferring frames that allow members of a polarized audience to see themselves as part of the same group.
How do you tell when the news is biased? It depends on how you see yourself » Nieman Journalism Lab Important advice that seems to apply to everyday life just as much as to journalism!
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September 17 2012

September 15 2012

Die „vierte Gewalt" nicht als Kontrollinstanz, sondern als Beitragstäterin zu Korruption und Vertuschung: Das ist die Realität in Österreich.
Das Kartell der Vertuscher - Kollers Klartext
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June 16 2012

Wow: 2011, online overtakes print in overall net revenue at derStandard.at & der Standard - Print: 2,7 Mio. Euro, Online: 3,1 Mio.
Twitter / Zielina

April 18 2012

The architecture of news content has barely changed. It continues to mirror the edition-oriented nature of the prior media forms — streams of articles that appear one day and drop into the archive the next. Can we better explore and adopt new approaches that, like Google’s earlier experiments with “the living story,” maintain the full expression of a reporter’s efforts in one place behind a persistent URL?

Google’s Richard Gingras: 8 questions that will help define the future of journalism » Nieman Journalism Lab

March 23 2012

MATTER — Kickstarter

"Every week, we will publish a single piece of top-tier long-form journalism about big issues in technology and science. That means no cheap reviews, no snarky opinion pieces, no top ten lists. Just one unmissable story."

February 19 2012

Drone journalism is the use of unmanned aircraft to gather photos, video and data for reporting. Between inexpensive RC aircraft with high-definition video cameras mounted to them to sophisticated autonomous aircraft with high-resolution imaging hardware onboard, the applications for reporting on disasters, mass protests and other news events with a large geographic extent are wide open. 

February 13 2012

Newspaper Extinction Timeline

February 01 2012

December 02 2011

The Newsmotion interface features three vertical columns, broken down by source “category”: Official (governments and international organizations), Unofficial (major media organizations), and Citizen (bloggers and small media outlets). The group wanted a site, Rubinstein says, “that could quite easily feed and pull information that’s clearly sourced — by not only relevance, but also by the source itself.”
Newsmotion wants to bring artistry and the wealth of networks to the coverage of international news » Nieman Journalism Lab
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November 30 2011

I think a lot of my motivation for such rigorous fact checking comes from a simple sense of responsibility.
Trust and Verify: How I Curate My List of Journalist Arrests « Groundswell
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November 04 2011

Trust, not information, is the scarce resource in today’s world. Trust is something that is hard to earn and easy to lose. And it is a core element of journalism; few other professions are so dependent on trust. It is also an enormous underserved market. Media companies will learn that it is trust, not SEO, branding, or content farming, that’s the road to success.
Voices: News organizations must become hubs of trusted data in a market seeking (and valuing) trust » Nieman Journalism Lab
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November 01 2011

All stories are not the same, each type of story we do as journalists has opportunities to augment the work with data, structure, and context.

The amount of customization, the amount of experimentation, the amount of journalism that would have to go on to make that work is impossible for a vendor selling a product to do. But it’s precisely the kind of experimentation we need to be doing.

Matt Waite: To build a digital future for news, developers must be able to hack at the core of old systems » Nieman Journalism Lab

Most newspapers rely on gigantic, expensive, monolithic content management systems that function very much like the production systems that print the paper every day. Inputs go in, magic happens, a website comes out. It works the same way every day or there’s hell to pay.

And around that rhythmic mode of operation, we’ve created comfortable workflows that feed it. And because it’s comfortable, there’s an amazing amount of inertia around all of it. Change is scary. The consequences down the line could be bad. We should go slow.

[Because of this,] experimentation takes place almost entirely outside the main content management system.

Matt Waite: To build a digital future for news, developers must be able to hack at the core of old systems » Nieman Journalism Lab

The Trouble With Back-Ends - CMS Woes: Why Publishers Can't Publish on the Web | Adweek

I've been trying to understand how much of current online news is shaped by CMS technology, and how bad the situation is. This article tells lots of stories of failure (both with in-house development and customization), although I don't feel smarter after reading it.

October 09 2011

Sometimes I wanted to say, well, why not learn to code yourself?  But then I wondered: is that @#$#@!!# advice?  Is it really practical for me to say, “learn to code” to a person with a day job and maybe a family?  

So I used myself as a guinea pig.  

This is what I can report:  it is possible, for a busy person with a day job and a family, to learn to code in their spare time.  

Life and Code: Are you a journalist, interested in learning to code, wondering if it’s possible?
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August 15 2011

July 31 2011

There was surprising agreement across the groups on the problem areas for online journalism. The same needs came up in group after group:

  • How to provide news in a way that fits the user’s time more effectively
  • How to build in context and background in news stories stories
  • How to improve discovery and ensure users’ access to multiple viewpoints
  • How to improve and make more credible user contributions and comments
Moby Dick: First Reflections

July 26 2011

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